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Nearly Live Table
Rep. of IrelandRep. of Ireland71071
Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland52052

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Cross Imps

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Other News

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SBU were given a procedural penalty of 1 VP after Match 1 v Scotland.

Results and Live Score Updates

Lady Milne 2013
Fri WalesWales15Rep. of IrelandIreland1573-75
Fri EnglandEngland22Northern IrelandN Ireland887-45
Fri ScotlandScotland5SBUSBU2443-108
Sat SBUSBU8EnglandEngland2263-104
Sat ScotlandScotland15WalesWales1544-44
Sat Rep. of IrelandIreland25Northern IrelandN Ireland3106-30
Sat Northern IrelandN Ireland10SBUSBU2038-72
Sat Rep. of IrelandIreland8ScotlandScotland2240-85
Sat EnglandEngland19WalesWales1152-29
Sun ScotlandScotland21EnglandEngland984-44
Sun SBUSBU11Rep. of IrelandIreland1966-92
Sun Northern IrelandN Ireland25WalesWales585-24
Sun Rep. of IrelandIreland4EnglandEngland2528-96
Sun Northern IrelandN Ireland6ScotlandScotland2447-101
Sun WalesWales18SBUSBU1255-37

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Match Times

  • [A] 19:00 - 21:05, and 21:20 - 23:25
  • [B] 10:00 - 12:05, and 12:20 - 14:25
  • [C] 15:10 - 17:15, and 17:30 - 19:35