Lady Milne 2013

England - Lady Milne winners 2013

Congratulations to England (Gillian Fawcett, Jane Moore, Susanna Gross, Sally Brock, Pauline Cohen and Lizzie Godfrey – NPC Simon Cope), who have won the Lady Milne in Edinburgh. Scotland were runners up, with SBU (the second Scottish team, as hosts of the event) third. Photo by Norma Bain, as is this video footage of the Scotland NPC in action at the gala dinner, where he demonstrated his “Captain’s Kit”.

Here is the updated Cross Imp table for the event.

Results Table

Lady Milne 2013 (2nd Weekend) completed matches
  SBUSBU ScotlandSco EnglandEng WalesWal Northern IrelandN Ire Republic of IrelandIre Total
Northern IrelandN Ireland106825XXXX352
Rep. of IrelandIreland19841525XXXX71

Lady Milne Table

Completed Matches
71Rep. of IrelandIreland
52Northern IrelandN Ireland

Live Matches page may have more recent information.

Tournament Officials

  • Match Manager: Anne Perkins
  • Chief Director: Duncan Cursiter
  • Technical Manager: Christine Walker
  • Chairman of Appeals: Jim Wilcox
  • VuGraph Commentators: Alex Adamson & Harry Smith
  • Brochure Editor: Anne Perkins

SBU Officials

  • East District Chairman: Liz McGowan
  • SBU President: Mike Ash

Other Notes

You might be interested to know that we will be broadcasting the 4th Commonwealth Nations Bridge Championships from Glasgow in September 2014.

This is information central for this year’s Lady Milne in Edinburgh.


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General Information

The Venue

NOVOTEL Edinburgh Park
(Hermiston Gait) 15 Lochside Avenue EH12 9DJ* Edinburgh
Tel. 0131 446 5600

For Sat Nav please enter EH11 4DG.


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How to Get Here

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How to Get Involved

Everyone is invited to spectate at the bridge event of the year in Scotland!

All matches will be featured live on BridgeBase Online (BBO) but why not come along to Edinburgh and take advantage of the expert commentary provided in the ViewGraph room? Please come along and support your team!